“When the old woman dies, the library has burned down” African Proverb

As a multi-disciplinary artist, I use various tools to bring a new visual narrative with a scientific and historical approach that provides a fine arts kaleidoscope assessment. Collectively, the images connecting the spirits and the womb of creation that bares a personal individualization twist, e.g. a mad scientist with a paintbrush and camera. This allows the opportunities to research, explore, and present new singularities that will have longevity and conceptual differences from other artists.

In addition, my paintings and photography hold time in a place as it records and memorializes a belief, religion, history, and emotions. I hope many viewers will see and hear the images as it gives birth to higher consciousness to awaken the person’s internal core. Finally, to provide a deeper understanding of the immense challenges and the impact of Africans in America.

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