“In My Mother’s Shadow, I Will Walk And My Children Will Do The Same”

My art is about teaching through the “art of the kaleidoscope” by seeing various images, shapes, historical events as pieces that expand and detract. The paintings are “neo-science” that is discovering and exploring the phenomena of evolution and revolution. In addition, it is systematic and logical reasoning between the spirit of nature and human life. Looking into the 4th dimension of human knowledge which causes a unique relationship that is binding but separate and true, even when it’s expressive.

This artwork depicts images of spiritual inspiration of nature and expressive human social development and their short comings. The artwork is also an expression of human challenges between deities, freedom, time, religion, and history. Additionally, it continues to record times. As an artist, I hope that many viewers will see the artistic images not just as pretty paintings, but as a method to better understand the immense challenges of one human race and the impact of Africans in America.  

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