My name is Mark Armbrecht and I am an artist, musician, and student of the Zen Buddhist tradition. My creativity is a reflection of experiences and lessons in my life yet much of my art is spontaneous. There’s no planning or design. An idea comes to me and I begin. This keeps the work I’m doing in the moment, the foundation of Zen Buddhist philosophy. Practicing the ancient art form of sigils is a way for me to visualize my thoughts and to see and shape the piece whether it be two or three dimensional. I have no idea which dimension it will be until I begin and often times it may change but I don’t struggle with the change. I allow it to happen. I’m simply following the guidance. The simplicity of my art allows me to experience freedom, no rules no boundaries. Creativity is a gift that each of us received at birth and it is the responsibility of each of us to use this gift and to be grateful for it.

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