Exploring metaphysical power of African diaspora Gods and concepts

Artworks of Turbado Marabou

“My Art is for life’s sake”.

Turbado Marabou, Orisha Ifa Priest, visual & performing arts instructor and advocate uses his art to preserve and teach about the transformative spirit of African spirituality. His work is firmly rooted in African folklore, indigenous traditions and metaphysical concepts seen throughout Africa and the Diaspora. Each piece is done with the intent of bringing to light stories representing key nature-based Gods and ancestral veneration that make up the cosmology of West Africa and the diaspora.

Marabou’s goal is to give objective representation of cultures long misunderstood in western society. Through a creative lens, he expresses the history, rituals and traditions of Africa, which is still a sustainable and vibrant matrix vibrating strength and solutions to those seeking guidance in the world. The focus on this aspect of diasporic history, is within itself an act of resistance and a call for social justice.

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